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  • Targeted Amendments to Division 7 A
    October31 October 2018

    Targeted Amendments to Division 7A

    Late last month Treasury released a consultation paper on targeted amendments to Division 7A loans. This included a proposed 10-year loan model that would replace all existing 7 and 25-year loans.It is proposed all new loans would be transitioned to this new 10-year loan, which could cause major issues to tax payable and cashflow for all those entities with large 25-year loans currently sitting on their balance sheets. Furthermore, all those previous pre-4 December...

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  • Downsizer Contributions into Super
    31 October 2018

    Downsizer Contributions into Super

    A favorable allowance announced in the 2018 Budget was the much talked about Downsizer Contribution.  From 1 July 2018 if you are 65 years or older and meet all the eligibility requirements you can choose to contribute up to $300,000 into super.  That’s potentially up to $600,000 for a couple.  What’s better is this downsizer contribution falls outside the scope of certain caps and restrictions currently in place – it is not a non-concessional...

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